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Why She Strips at the Sight of Water? We Don't Know!

In the beautiful kingdom of Sindria, it was very sunny. The sky was perfectly clear. And Morgiana and Aladdin were currently talking with each other while Alibaba was off training with Sharrkan. However, Alozza then walked up to the duo, with a rather...confused and concentrated look on her face. 

"Hey guys! May I ask you guys a quick question?" Alozza started, "It's about Khalida."

"Khalida?" Morgiana repeated.

"Yeah." Alozza began, "Have you noticed something...strange in her lately?" 

"Strange how?" Aladdin asked. 

"Like...whenever she sees watershe just dives into it. There are even some instances where she strips into her birthday suit before she dives in." Alozza explained. 

"Really?" Morgiana asked.

"Yeah. Yesterday...not even...this morning, I caught her trying to get into a fish pond in the middle of town while beginning to take off her clothes." Alozza explained.

"That is pretty odd," said Aladdin.

"Yeah." Morgiana agreed, while also sounding concerned, "Why do you think that is?" 

"I dunno. That's why I'm asking you guys." Alozza exclaimed.

"Hmmm..." Aladdin hummed, inquisitively. Morgiana also went into deep thought as well.

"I guess there's only one way to find out," Alozza spoke.

"Through an experiment!" Aladdin declared.

"An experiment?" Morgiana repeated.

"Yeah. I just learned this from Yam." Aladdin started, "First. We need to make a question. And that question is; Why does Khali-san strip at the sight of water? Now, we need to make a hypothesis!"

"I see," Morgiana answered.

"A hypothesis, eh~?" Alozza mused in her sing-song voice.

"Yeah. But first, we actually have to make observations and collect research." Aladdin answered, "So, since we know that Khali-san tends to dive into water whenever she can-" 

"With no hesitation." Alozza interrupted. 

"Right, with no hesitation, and even sometimes stripping before diving in, now it's time to make the hypothesis. In order to make a hypothesis, it has to be in the style of "If this happens, then this will happen."

"How about if the water is appealing enough, then Khalida will dive in?" Alozza suggested. 

"...I didn't think of that," Aladdin answered.

"Don't you think appealing seems to be a bit...ambiguous?" Morgiana asked.

"Ambiguous?" Alozza repeated.

"Yes. Think about it; appealing could mean that the water's clean, or there's fish in there." Morgiana pointed out.

"...Damn," Alozza cursed under her breath.

"Alright then, how about if the water's big enough?" Aladdin suggested, "That should be a start." 

"That'll work!" Alozza said.

"That's a good idea." Morgiana agreed.

"Let's do it, then!" Aladdin exclaimed.

"Right!" The two girls agreed. 

~Timeskip brought to you by Haruka bathing in his swimsuit (Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Reference)~ 

As a start, Morgiana had a puddle of water in her hands, while maintaining her stoic expression while also having a bit of a confused look on her face.

"So, what is this?" she asked.

"It's a puddle of water in your hands, Morg!" Aladdin replied.

"I know what it is," said Morgiana. "What am I supposed to do with it?"

"The whole point of this is to see if Khalida-san will strip at the sight of water. So, we're taking baby steps and seeing if just the very sight of a small puddle of water will make her strip at least and dive in." Aladdin explained. 

"How will she dive into the water that's in the palm of my hands?" Morgiana asked. 

"It's worth a shot." Aladdin replied.

"Here she comes now!" Alozza called.

There was Khalida, skipping to them.

"Da-jou! Da-jou! Da-jou~!" Khalida sang.

"Okay, Morg!" Aladdin whispered. "Go, now!"

"Uh...alright." Morgiana said, as she walked up to Khalida and showed her the water in her palms. However, Khalida tilted her head in confusion, before her face lit up in excitement and then she ran off.

"Morg, follow her!" Aladdin whispered.

"Right!" Morgiana said, as she followed Khalida. However, just as Morgiana was about to follow Khalida, the latter returned with a fish, and happily placed it in the palm of Morgiana's hands, before happily walking off. 

"...A fish?" Morgiana asked.

"Hai! Take good care of it, okay?" Khalida told her, as she walked off.

"...Well...that wasn't I was expecting," Aladdin said.

"So...what now?" Alozza asked. 

"Hm...well I guess that this concludes trial 1." Aladdin spoke. 

"On to trial 2!" Alozza added.

"How many trials are there gonna be?" Morgiana asked. 

"Until we can find out at what size the water needs to be in order for Khalida-san to dive in." Aladdin answered, "Now let's go!"

~Timeskip brought to you by Momoi's tying a cherry knot with her tongue! (Kuroko no Basuke Reference)~

For trial 2, this time, the water was placed in a cup, that Alozza brought in from the Sindrian palace.  

"Okay, I got the water," she said.

"Okay. Now we just have to wait for her to pass by here again." Aladdin said. Sure enough, Khalida was approaching with Shahra walking alongside her.

"Ne, ne, Shahra-chan, remember. I'm saving these fish for later, so you can't eat them yet okay?" Khalida told her. 

Shahra seemed to growl in disappointment.

"I'm sorry." Khalida apologized, before she saw the trio again, "Huh? Oh, hey guys! What's up?" 

"Look what I have, Khalida," Alozza said, holding the cup of water.

"Ooh~!" Khalida said, as she ran to the cup of water, and started observing it. 

Aladdin and Morgiana blinked in anticipation.

"Hm...well, I guess there's an easier way for the fish to be preserved until after dinner! Thanks so much Alozza-sama!" Khalida said, as sheplaced a small red fish and a small blue fish in the cup. 

However, Shahra jumped at Alozza, trying to get the fish.

"Oi!" Alozza said, as she tried to keep the cup away from Shahra.

"Shahra-chan!" Khalida said, as she tried to restrain the tigress, "I thought I said wait until dinner!!"

"Shahra, stop!" Aladdin called, and immediately, the tigress ran up to her "cub", happily licking his face.

"Tee-hee! That tickles!" Aladdin laughed. 

Alozza and Morgiana couldn't help but smile at the loving scene.

Khalida also smiled lovingly, "Well, I'll see you guys later!" she said before she left.

"Matte! Wait!" Aladdin called out. However, Khalida was too busy in engrossed in her song humming to even listen, and thus, she left.

"Darn it!" Aladdin said.

"I guess that concludes trial 2." Alozza said. 

"And she still hasn't stripped yet." Morgiana pointed out. 

Shahra tilt her head in confusion.

Aladdin petted her on the head. "Don't worry about it, Shahra."

"Well, now what?" Alozza asked.

"Trial 3." Aladdin answered.

"What's Trial 3?" asked Morgiana.

"A bucket." Aladdin smiled. 

"A bucket?" Alozza repeated, sounding skeptical.

"Hai! A bucket is bigger than a cup!" Aladdin pointed out. 

"It does make sense," Morgiana said.
"And the whole point of this is to see how large the water needs to be for her to strip." Aladdin added. 

Alozza sighed, "All right," she said.

~Timeskip brought to you by Meliodas; Also Known as the Sin of Greed?! (The Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 184.5 Reference)~ 

Alozza placed a bucket with water down. "There you go." 

"Thanks, Alozza!" Aladdin answered.

"No problem. Now 
we just need to wait for her to swing by." Alozza said. Sure enough, Khalida appeared.

"Hi guys!" Khalida waved. 

"Hi, Khalida!" Alozza greeted.

"Hello-darou!" Khalida waved, before she noticed the bucket of water, "Hmm? What's that?"

"Oh, this?" asked Alozza.

"It's a bucket full of water." Morgiana told Khalida. 

"Hmmm..." Khalida said, as she was looking at the bucket of water

Aladdin watched from behind a potted plant.

Khalida then started staring at the bucket very closely, even sniffing it a little. 

'Is this it...?' Aladdin thought. 'Is she gonna do it?!'

Khalida then stood up, but then she shook her head. "Nah." Then, she turned and left.

"Dang!" Alozza said as Aladdin came out of the bushes, "She looked like she was really suffering." 

"She did?" Aladdin asked.

"Yeah." Alozza asked. 

"So, does this mean it's time for trial 4 now?" Morgiana asked. 

"I suppose so," Aladdin answered.

~Timeskip brought to you by Haru getting a 47 point deduction due to the "lack of variety" (Free! Eternal Summer Reference)~ 

Aladdin is filling up a bathtub in the bathhouse.

"Okay~. And done!" Aladdin announced, as the small tub was filled. 

"I think this would make more sense," said Alozza.

"Yeah. Now she's more bound to strip." Morgiana commented.  

"Do you see her?" Aladdin asked.

"Not yet," Alozza whispered before she soon spotted her, rounding the corner. "Oh, wait! There she is!"

Khalida was then passing by, with a smile on her face.

"She's coming this way!" Alozza said.

"Okay! Let trial 4 begin!" Aladdin said, as he handed the bathhouse bucket to Alozza.

"...We're using the bucket, again?" Morgiana asked.

"A small bathhouse tub, to be exact. That way, maybe we can actually get Khalida-san to strip." Aladdin told her.

At that moment, Khalida entered, forcing the trio to hide. Aladdin, Morgiana, and Alozza watched in anticipation.

Khalida then started to untie the knot to her sarong, before she stopped herself.

'What's she doing?!' thought Aladdin.

Khalida then shook her head, as she tied back up her sarong and walked away.

"WHAT?!!" Alozza questioned. "ARE YOU SERIOUS?!!"

"Eh? What was that?" Khalida asked, looking around.

Alozza quickly covered her mouth. Khalida then shrugged and walked away.

Alozza growled in anger before she sighed.

"...You know what?" she asked. "Screw it. Let's just forget the stupid thing."

"Alozza! Wait! One more trial!" Aladdin begged.

"No, Aladdin!" Alozza answered. "It's obvious she's not gonna do it!"

"I think this has become rather ridiculous, as well," said Morgiana.

"I bet you're just doing this because you just wanna see her naked!" Alozza added.

"That's not true!" Aladdin countered, but then he saw the shapeshifter give him an inquisitive look. "...Okay, maybe just a little."

"I knew it!" Alozza called out.

"Well you're the one brought up that she had a habit of stripping before water sometimes, or just dives right in!" Aladdin rebutted, "Please! Just one more trial and then afterwards, if it doesn't work out, we can give up, okay? Please~???"

A pause, but then Alozza sighed, "Fine," she muttered.

"Yay." Aladdin cheered.

"But, if we're gonna make this work, we need to think outside the box." Morgiana suggested.

"What'd you have in mind, Morgiana?" asked Alozza.

"Something deep." Morgiana hinted.

"Like what?" Aladdin.

"A hole." Morgiana suggested.

"A hole?" asked Alozza. Morgiana nodded.

"Well...I guess it's worth a shot," Alozza said, 'I need a drink after this,' she thought.

~Timeskip brought to you by Makoto getting a 39 point deduction for the "lack of vegetables" (Free! Eternal Summer Reference)~

Alozza is filling up a hole with water.

"How deep is this hole?" She asked.

"About 5 ft." Morgiana told her.

"You sure 
she's not gonna hurt herself?" Alozza asked, worriedly.

"I'm positive. It's water, so I think she'll be fine." Morgiana said. 

"All right then," Alozza said.

"Alright. I think this should be enough." Aladdin said, as he poured the last of water in the hole. 

Morgiana looked around, trying to spot Khalida.

"Do you see her yet?" Alozza asked. 

"Here she comes now!" Morgiana answered.

"La-la-la!" Khalida hummed, as she started skipping. 

"Hide!" Alozza said.

The Magi and Fanalis hid in bushes. Alozza hid, as well.

Khalida then stopped as she noticed the puddle and gasped, "I forgot something!"

She then turned around and ran back.

"Where's she going?" Alozza asked. Khalida then came back with a bucket.

"...Oh, no," Alozza whispered.

Khalida then flipped the bucket upside down, revealing the contents of the water to be filled with fish instead of water, pouring them in the deep hole. 

"There!" she said. "A new fishie pond! I hope you guys will be happy in there!"

With that, she skipped away.

"Well...I guess that concludes that." Alozza sighed. 

"This was a waste." Morgiana told Aladdin. 

"I'm sorry!" Aladdin apologized. But then suddenly, Khalida stopped. 

"Huh?" Alozza, Aladdin, and Morgiana muttered.

Khalida then turned around and then started running towards the puddle, before she made a huge leap, while stripping off her clothes in the process, "CANNON BALL~!!!!" 


The trio then got splashed with water, before Khalida dove up to the surface! 

"I knew it! I knew this was deep!" She exclaimed. 

"That's it?!" Alozza questioned.

"Do you guys wanna take a swim with the fishies as well?" Khalida asked, the trio in the bushes. 

"SHE KNEW WE WERE HERE?!!" Aladdin, Morgiana, and Alozza questioned.

"Hai! I can sense people's presences, sillies!" Khalida laughed. 

"Now that I think about it, she did sense Aladdin's and Alibaba's presence when we took a bath together." Alozza remembered. 

"Oh, right," Aladdin realized.

"Does that mean you also sensed us in the bathhouse as well?" Morgiana asked. 

"Yup!" Khalida replied. 

"Oh, boy," Alozza said, blushing.

"Anyway, thank you so much for making this puddle!" Khalida cheered. Suddenly, Shahra came by. However, she stopped when she spotted the puddle.

"Oh hi, Shahra-chan!" Khalida waved. 

Shahra blinked at Khalida, then glanced at Aladdin.

"Don't you wanna swim with the fishies?" Khalida asked.

Shahra was glancing back and forth between Aladdin and Khalida...but then, the tigress grabbed Aladdin by the back of his vest and carried him with the kind of expression that a mother would have when she's about to deliver punishment.

In Shahra's mind, she was thinking that Aladdin did all this just to get Khalida naked so she could see her breasts.

"Ahh!" Aladdin cried. "Shahra, what are you doing?! Put me down!! SHAHRA!!!"

Shahra just kept walking away, growling in irritation.

"Shahra-chan?" Khalida tilted her head.

"He got what was coming to him." Alozza sighed.

"Agreed," Morgiana concurred.

Ja'Far then walked by, but stopped upon noticing Khalida swimming in the puddle.

" I wanna know what's going on here?" He asked.

"No, you don't," Alozza replied.

"Wanna swim with the Fishies?" Khalida asked. 

"No thank you," Ja'Far said.

"Would you like me to save you one?" Khalida asked, holding out a fish to him. 

"No, thank you, Khalida," said Ja'Far. "You just enjoy yourself."

"Hai-hai!" Khalida cheered, before she dove back in the puddle. 

"So what now?" Morgiana asked. 

"I don't know about you," Alozza began, "but I'm getting a drink."

"Okay." Morgiana nodded. With that, Alozza left.

Ja'Far also left the opposite way. 

"Bye Alozza-sama~! By Ja'Far-sama~!" Khalida waved, before she held out a fish to Morgiana, "Want a fishie~?" 

"...Why not?" Morgiana asked.

Khalida then handed her the fish. Morgiana then began to eat it.

"How is it?" Khalida asked, while smiling. 

"It's good," Morgiana answered.

"Yay!" Khalida said, as she ate a fish herself. 

"So Mor-chan?" Khalida asked. 

"Hmm?" Morgiana hummed.

"Do you wanna swim with the fishies?" Khalida asked, excitedly.

"No thank you," Morgiana replied.

"Phooey..." Khalida muttered, before she sunk down to the bottom of the puddle, with bubbles still popping up. 

'How does she do that?'
 thought Morgiana.

CONCLUSION: Khalida will dive (and strip sometimes) at the sight of water if the water is big enough to encompass her body. 
Magi - WSSatSoW? WDK!
The title is short for, "Why She Strips at the Sight of Water? We Don't Know!"

Thank you Big Sister :iconxfangheartx:-chan-sama for taking the time to listen to me and write this out with me! I had so much fun!! Aishitemasu!! Mato Hugs Yomi 

Summary - Due to an incident of Alozza seeing her strip and try and get into a fish pond in the middle of town the day prior, Aladdin decides to conduct and experiment and see how big the water needs to be in order for Khalida to dive (and sometimes strip). 

Magi © Shinobu Ohtaka 

Alozza © :icondarkdarling98: 

Shahra © :iconxfangheartx: 

Khalida © Me 

The Bravery (Nanatsu no Taizai Version)

Then we see the image of Meliodas holding a cup of beer slowly moving to the right, while he has another image behind him wielding his broken dragon handle slowly moving to the left, with the Dragon Sin of Wrath symbol behind him in a green background.

Dare ka no iu koto nante ate ni naranakate
(Word don't end to be my own objectives)

Kono me de tashikametakunatta n da
(I have to see it with my own eyes)

Next, we see the image of Diane fiddling with her hair slowly moving to the left, while she has a back image of her wielding Gideon in her hand slowly moving to the right, while ready to swing it, with the Serpent's Sin of Envy symbol behind her with an orange background. 

Ame wa doshaburi de
(When the rain pours down)

Shikai wa saiaku dakedo
(The world becomes its worst, but)

Then, we see Ban, with his hands in his pockets and his tongue out, with the image slowly moving to the right, with a back image of him lying on plush toys, slowly moving to the left, with the symbol of the Fox Sin of Greed behind him, along with a red background.

"Kimi yuuki ga aru"
("You are a hero")

Sono hitokito wo shinji tobidashita
(Off you went believing in those words)

Mawari wa kare wo waratte
(With those around you laughing)

Soon, we see the image of King lazily lying on Chastiefol in pillow form slowly moving to the left, while he has a back image of him controlling Chastiefol in spear form while levitating in the air, with his arms behind his back, while slowly moving tot he right, with the symbol of the Grizzly's Sin of Sloth behind him with a yellow background.

"Dōse nani hitotsu aitsu ni wa dekinai sa"
("Let him go. He can't do anything")

(Let them talk)

Then, an image of Elizabeth appears, smiling at the camera, which is slowly to the right, while she has a back image of her holding a coaster with ale and beer on top of it, which is slowly moving to the left, with a pink background.

Kimi wa keshite yowaku nanka nai
(You are by no means weak)

Dare ni mo hatasenakatta yume wo negae tsuyoku
(Reach out to those dreams no one else had and grasp them tightly)

Kanarazu kanaete miseru tte~
(Surely you'll make them come true)

Now we see the image of Hawk eating leftovers, which is slowly moving to the left, while he a back image of him giving a thumbs up, which is slowly moving to the right, with a pink background.

Saa mizukara no hata kakage
(Come, fly your own flag)

Susume mae ni
(And keep moving forward)

Nijimu namida wa
(The tears you shed)

Then, there's Layla with the image of her Wolverina form behind her, which is slowly moving to the right, while there's an image of her staring coldly at the camera, which is slowly moving to the left, with a lavender background behind her.

Sonzai (kimi) no akashi
(Are proof that you’re alive)

Chikara ni narou
(And will become your strength)

Anna is then seen with an image of her wielding Morgause in scythe form, which is slowly moving to the left, while her front image is drinking from a cup (presumably tea), which is slowly moving to the right, with a sky blue background.

Mayou toki ha kono boku ga soba ni iru

(When you're lost, I'll be at your side)

Dakara ikō
(So let's go!)

The song ends with Anna, back-to-back with Layla. While Anna faces the sins, Elizabeth, and Hawk with their backs facing the screen, Layla faces the right where the Holy Knights are, their backs also facing the screen, and above them is God with his eyes covered, holding out his hands as if he's holding the Earth.

Sekai no subete wo mi ni
(And see the whole world)
The Bravery (Nanatsu no Taizai Version)
I've actually been thinking about doing this ending, especially since this is Anna's theme song. Also, thank you so much Big Sister :iconxfangheartx:-chan-sama for helping me write this! You're the best! Aishitemasu!  Icon #4 

Also...two songfics in one day? That's an accomplishment! Shinoa Grin Icon 

Nanatsu no Taizai © Nakaba Suzuki

Layla © :iconxfangheartx:

Anna © Me

My will (Seven Deadly Sins Version)

The ending begins with a bunch of spring wildflowers being shown, while the camera moves right. Then, more spring wildflowers are being shown, before we see the Liones castle, with snow falling down, at night. 

Tsuyogaru koto dake shiri-sugite-ita watashi
(I've known all too well about pretending to be strong)

Now we see Elizabeth from the palace rooftop, wearing winter clothes, watching the snow fall down, admiring the snow falling. 

Dakedo ano toki kara mayoi wa kieta yo
(But since then, my doubts have vanished)

Now we see Diane sleeping in the Forest of White Dreams all curled up. 

Misetai to omou mono ga kitto atte 
(There's definitely things I want to show you)

Now, she then opens up her eyes slowly. 

Kikasetai kotoba mo takusan aru 
(And so many words I want to hear)

Now, we see Anna from behind, walking in a lake, barefooted, at the starry night sky, which is obscured by Sakura trees. 

Egao nakigao mo zenbu mite hoshikute 
(I want to see all sides of you, when you laugh and cry)

Then, we see Anna from the side continuing to walk in the lake, but then we get a close up on her face, as she furrows her eyebrows, and makes a quick glare at something forward. Then, we see her take her right foot back in the lake, with bubbles passing by. 

Matte-iru watashi wa yamete 
(So I'll stop waiting)

"CHANSU" wo tsukamu yo
(And seize my "chance") 

Soon, there are fireworks going off around the Liones castle, while snow is falling. 

Anata no koto wo omou
(I think of you) 

Sore dake de kokoro ga 
(And I feel like that alone is enough)

Now, we get a close up of the fireworks, as they have a yin and a yang, while there's also the image of spring wildflowers appearing right beside the Liones castle. 

Tsuyoku nareru ki ga suru yo 
(To make my heart grow stronger)

Then, we see Diane walking through the Forest of White Dreams, while looking around. 

Hakanai omoi zutto 
(I always, always wish)

Next, Anna's hand is shown messing up the spring wildflowers and now is shown the spring wildflowers messed up and out of place. 

Donna toki demo negau yo 
(That these fleeting thoughts)

Soon, Elizabeth is seen riding in a horse carriage right in the middle of Margaret and Veronica, but Elizabeth is resting her head on Margaret's shoulder. 

Anata ni todoku you ni to...
(Would reach you)

The horse carriage is seen riding from behind, and now it's seen in motion from the side, while the snow is falling, thus ending the sequence. 
My will (Seven Deadly Sins Version)
I've actually always wanted to get around to this ending, after Big Sister :iconxfangheartx:-chan-sama was showing me three Inuyasha endings. I actually wanted this ending to come up as one of the suggestions, since I didn't know what she was planning to do, since I actually really love the ending and the song as well.

The Seven Deadly Sins © Nakaba Suzuki

My will © dream 

Anna © Me

GLORY (AladdinxShanelle (FUNimation) Version)

The ending begins with Shanelle, whose 16-years-old, and Raiyu, whose grown a fourth tail, in front of the Magnostadt Academy while it's nighttime. Then, we see Shanelle with a depressed expression, as the camera slowly starts moving left.

I couldn't say just how long I've wanted to

Yet I could not begin to

Now, we see Shanelle pick up a necklace from the ground.

Now I'm here beside you and I know

She then looks at the necklace for a while, before she looks up again, with a more determined expression.

That the glimmer I see, is my dream revived

Then, we see Yamraiha, Sharrkan, Sphintus, Fadia, Titus, and Aladdin after the timeskip. Additionally, then is shown an 11-year-old Aladdin standing before and protecting a 12-year-old Shanelle, although they are just silhouettes and we don't see their faces.

Kindly, your smile is all I can see

As Shanelle is holding the necklace close to her chest, although we don't see her face, Raiyu looks at her worriedly.

Happiness is what you've given me

Then, Shanelle turns back and sees Aladdin, Alibaba, Morgiana, Shahra, Alozza, Khalida, and Fadia after the timeskip, all waiting for her.

And my heart feels so free

Now is shown the memories of her time in Magnostadt Academy, such as when she was feeding Aladdin her lunches, or when she was running with him and doing other exercises right beside him in the Sixth Kodor during Marefs.

Glory, glory, now I shine

Now we see Fadia teaching Shanelle how to cook, and how to sow, and how to paint. We also see Shanelle whacking Aladdin with her staff whenever he jumped into Fadia's or any other well-endowed female's breasties.

Because you're here with me

Then, that's when the 7 of them all start walking towards Shanelle.

Wipe away these tears of mine, for they turn into bravery

Then, Alibaba then put his hand on Shanelle's shoulder, followed by Morgiana who puts her hand on Shanelle's shoulder, before calmly smiling at her and walking off right beside Alibaba. Shahra then nuzzles Shanelle's hand, before she walks off, while Khalida puts her hand on Shanelle's shoulder before she cheerfully raises her hand in the air before walking off.

What I want is to be strong

Alozza then puts a hand on Shanelle's shoulder, with a calm smile on her face, while Fadia puts a hand on Shanelle's shoulder with a loving smile on her face and winks at Shanelle before she too, walks off. Then, finally, Aladdin takes her hand and kisses her hand, before he walks off, while Shanelle's left with a slight blush on her face.

And to share this fight with you

Then, the group looks back at Shanelle with smiles on all of their faces, before Aladdin offers out his hand to Shanelle. Shanelle then smiles back, before she takes Aladdin's hand, and then that's when the gang starts walking off away from the academy, just when the sun starts rising, while Aladdin and Shanelle are holding hands, thus ending the sequence.

And someday, I know we'll get there...
GLORY (AladdinxShanelle (FUNimation) Version)
This is a gift for Big Sister :iconxfangheartx:-chan-sama, whom I love to death, and who made me this lovely present!

Similar to her, I didn't know which ending to use. Hell, I was even considering using a Bleach ending, but she told me that she wanted this one, in FUNimation version, and even guided me on what she wanted to happen. I even added extra AladdinxShanelle moments in there too, since I love this couple so much! :XD:

I love you so much, Onee-chan! Icon-hug-bell-and-hestia

Magi © Shinobu Ohtaka

GLORY (Kimi ga Iru Kara) (FUNimation Version) © Caitlin Glass

Alozza © :icondarkdarling98:

Shanelle, Raiyu, and Shahra © :iconxfangheartx:

Khalida and Fadia © Me



United States
I'm just a huge anime fan, and here are my favorite shows, or shows that I've watched:.

One Piece
Soul Eater
Fairy Tail
Attack on Titan
Fullmetal Alchemist
Magi: The Labyrinth/Kingdom of Magic
Akame ga Kill!
Sword Art Online
Nanatsu no Taizai
Highschool of the Dead
Azumanga Daioh
Angel Beats!
Black Butler
Your Lie in April
Shokugeki no Soma
Deadman Wonderland
Ouran Highschool Host Club
Seraph of the End
The Irregular at Magic High School
Aria the Animation


One Piece:

Luffy x Nami
Zoro x Robin
Sanji x Vivi
Usopp x Kaya
Sabo x Koala

Soul Eater:

Soul x Maka
Black*Star x Tsubaki
Kid x Liz
Stein x Marie

Fairy Tail:

Natsu x Lucy
Jellal x Erza
Gajeel x Levy
Loke x Aries
Happy x Carla
Elfman x Evergreen
Freed x Mirajane
Laxus x Cana
Zeref x Mavis

Attack on Titan:

Armin x Annie
Ymir x Krista
Connie x Sasha


America x Belarus
Prussia x Hungary
Spain x Belgium
Iceland x Seychelles
Austria x Hungary
Thailand x Vietnam
Sealand x Wy

Akame ga Kill!:

Tatsumi x Akame
Wave x Kurome


Raku x Chitoge

Nanatsu no Taizai:

Meliodas x Elizabeth
King x Diane
Ban x Elaine
Gilthunder x Margaret

Sword Art Online:

Kirito x Asuna

Seraph of the End:

Guren x Mahiru

Shokugeki no Soma:

Soma x Erina

Deadman Wonderland:

Ganta x Shiro
...and MAN did it give me a lot of feels! Kudryavka Noumi Kud (Tears) [V8] 

For those of you wondering what the show is about, a group of six childhood friends all used to hang out together, and they were also known as the "Super Peace Busters", who are also trying to keep the peace. However, things only get more complicated when one of them; Honma "Menma" Meiko, dies in an accident. They all end up drifting apart, and they become estranged. The leader, Jinta "Jintan" Yadomi, becomes a recluse and stops going to school entirely, spending his time at home eating and playing video games.

However one summer day, the ghost of Menma, who is now grown, returns to Jintan and tells him that in order for her to pass onto the afterlife, she must have a wish granted. However, Menma herself does not remember what the wish is. However, in order to solve the issue, Jintan gathers his other friends once more, in order to help Menma pass onto the afterlife. However, one of the key issues is that only Jintan himself can see Menma, and no one else can see her, so his friends ultimately end up accusing him of being delirious of just seeing things and not being able to move on from Menma's death. But, it turns out that Jintan isn't the only one who isn't able to move on from her death, as it turns out that his friends have a hard time moving on from Menma's death. Hidden feelings are rekindled and brought back to life once more, which causes not only complications to help Menma move onto the afterlife, but to help themselves move on from her death as well.

There were times where I nearly cried to this series, but it's a really good show! All I can tell you're going to need a lot of tissues for this show. It's also 11 episodes long. But, I encourage you to watch this show if you're interested in the supernatural! Eren Yeager (Smile) [V2] 
  • Watching: Aria the Animation
  • Eating: Chocolate Chip Cookies

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